Hello and Welcome to HLC Diabetes Reversal Programme.

We invite you to join our revolutionary 10 Days residential programme that reverses Type2 Diabetes, so that you can look forward to a healthy and a complete life without medicine, symptoms or complications. All this from the comfort of our elegantly appointed accommodations surrounded by lush green environment.

No Medication

Our programme normalizes blood sugar, eliminates your need for medication.

No Calorie Restriction

Eat well, without starving, fasting, expensive supplements or shakes.

Just Basic Exercise 

A minimum of 30-40 minute walk is good enough. No gym or fancy equipment

No Surgery Needed 

Bariatric surgery can reverse diabetes, but it is very dangerous and expensive.

HLC’s revolutionary programme is a proven treatment plan to reverse type 2 diabetes that achieves optimum blood sugar control while removing medications in a matter of days. And this comes with welcome side-benefits that improves cardiovascular health, blood pressure and weight management.

Programme Benefits

Diabetes Medicine Cardiovascular Obesity More Rewards
Reach normal blood sugar levels with significant HbA1c stabilisation. Eliminate dependence on Diabetes-specific medications. Substantial improvement in cardiovascular health, BP and cholesterol. Achieve clinically significant weight management with healthy weight loss. Improved thyroid function, reduction of internal inflammation and fatty liver disease.

HLC Entrance
The Advantage of HLC’s programme is that unlike current traditional or even next generation diabetes management which typically centres around medication, our programmes depends on your body’s ability to heal and reverse diabetes with minimal natural and safe therapy.


Health profiling, assessment, counselling and individual course chart.
Programme Period:
Consultation, individual treatment, diet, exercise, therapy plan, with periodic health checks.
Post Programme:
Dedicated App for continuous health monitoring & support, remote medical care, custom meal plans & on-demand expert consultation.

True Stories

Each of our guests have their own inspiring and motivating type 2 diabetes reversal story. In fact, some have reported narrated positive gains such as better vision, good sleep and even recovered nerve feeling.

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We focus on the root cause of diabetes through a combination of diet & nutrition, ayurvedic & naturopathic therapies, yoga & light exercises and technology. This comes with careful medical supervision, medication adjustments, day-to-day support and an individualized approach.
Our science-based approach is just a part of the programme, since we believe it is equally important to consider our members lifestyle, tastes, food preferences /restrictions, religious beliefs and metabolic conditions. In simple terms everything is personalised.
This highly efficient system is further customised to ensure long-term health at individual level and delivered with passion by our expert team consisting of medical professionals, nutritionists, yoga teachers, therapists, healthcare specialists and technocrats.
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Get your Diabetes Reversed or Get a 100% Refund.

Having helped thousands beat diabetes, we are so sure of reversing your Diabetes, that we guarantee a 100% refund of your fees in an unlikely event of your dissatisfaction with the results after 90 days of following our programme.

Pay for results, not promises.

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