About the Programme

Experience a signature all-inclusive programme with a holistic approach towards achieving diabetes reversal in a safe and nurturing environment guided by our team of expert Ayurvedic doctors, skilled therapists, nutritionists, yoga teachers and chefs trained in preparing healthy cuisine.

The programme is an amalgamation of Ayurvedic treatments, nourishing diet, yoga, detox regimen, therapies, cleansing techniques, stress management, meditation and light exercises that results in reversing diabetes and contributing to improved immunity, positive energy, clarity of thought, better metabolism and a radiant health.

The programme is based on years of research and practical experience by our Ayurvedic, Yogic and international wellness experts who have formulated a unique integrated plan that focuses on the core physical and mental aspects that reverses diabetes and puts you on a path towards a healthier and enriched lifestyle.

10 Days Residential Programme
Holistic, Safe & Natural
2000+ Guests Treated
100% Results or Money-back

Programme Information
Health profiling, assessment, counselling and individual course chart.
Programme Period:
Consultation, individual treatment, diet, exercise, therapy plan, with periodic health checks.
Post Programme:
Dedicated App for continuous health monitoring & support, remote medical care, custom meal plans & on-demand expert consultation.
Individual Treatment Plan & Rates
Cottage Type
IDRP 01 Standard Cottage ₹ 5,000/- 11 Days | 10 Nights ₹ 50,000/-
IDRP 02 Deluxe Cottage ₹ 7,000/- 11 Days | 10 Nights ₹ 70,000/-
IDRP 03 Luxury Cottage ₹ 9,000/- 11 Days | 10 Nights ₹ 90,000/-
Programme Schedule
DAY 01:
Arrival | Check-in: 10.00 am
Day 10:
Programme Completion | Check-out: 4.00 pm
Stay Duration:
11 Days & 10 Nights
Pure Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian (Separate Kitchens)
Programme Constitution
• Diabetes Reversal Programme • Body Analysis, Vitals, Composition & Monitoring • Health Discourses
• COVID-19 Prevention Plan • Medication, Diet and Therapy Prescription • Health Monitoring with Scheduled Medical Checks
• Kavala/ Kashaya/ Snehapanam, Urja Panakam, Pratar Bhojana, Sambhojana • Customised Programme with Veg / Non-Veg Diet • Recreational Activities
• Consultation, Health Check & Counselling • Yoga & Pranayama Sessions • Abhyangas, Sauna, Steam and Hydrotherapies
Programme Itinerary
A typical day is filled with scheduled and myriad activities to fulfil your wellness, recreational, spiritual and needs. You will be offered customised and curated ayurvedic treatments, nourishing diet, yoga, detox regimen, therapies, cleansing techniques, stress management, meditation and light exercises in addition to spa and wellness programmes.

Programme Structure
We focus on the root cause of diabetes through a combination of diet & nutrition, ayurvedic & naturopathic therapies, yoga & light exercises with technology. This comes with careful medical supervision, medication adjustments, day-to-day support and individualized approach.
Our science-based approach is just a part of the programme since we believe it is equally important to consider our members lifestyle, tastes, food preferences /restrictions, religious beliefs and metabolic conditions. In simple terms everything is personalised.
This highly efficient system is further customised to ensure long-term health at individual level and delivered with passion by our expert team consisting of medical professionals, nutritionists, yoga teachers, therapists, healthcare specialists and technocrats.

Programme Notes
• Diabetes Reversal Programme is goal-oriented plan which include specific treatments, mandatory consultations with doctors, custom diet, lifestyle and other guidelines as prescribed. All of these must be adhered for optimal results.
• Pre-arrival questionnaire is to be completed and submitted online for prior review and in order to prepare the customised programme itinerary. This is a confidential questionnaire received directly by our team.
• Consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor on arrival is mandatory to assess your constitution and to personalise a plan to achieve your goals. The doctor’s approval is required for a la carte meal options and spa treatments of your choice.
• Daily changing wellness menus are curated with gourmet international and Indian cuisine; this is mandatory for the diabetes reversal programme.
• Ayurvedic and/or wellness therapies, personal yoga, meditation and/or fitness sessions included in each programme are based on the wellness goals to be achieved, this however may change on the basis of doctor’s assessment.