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True Stories from Previous Members

Meet some of our guests, who have their own inspiring and motivating type 2 diabetes reversal story. In fact, some have reported narrated positive gains such as better vision, good sleep and even recovered nerve feeling.

“Before HLC, I thought of my diabetes as a life sentence, now I run around with my kids a lot more than I did six months ago. I feel like I’m 15 years younger.”

Vikram Ghorpade, 62

“This program has brought to me sheer joy. I no longer take diabetes prescriptions! There are no highs and lows in blood sugar, no shakes and confusion.”

Elizabeth Joseph, 56,

“I didn’t think diabetes was reversible till I found HLC. Besides diabetes, I also lost bad weight and found a new active me. HLC has practically has given me my life back.”

Geeta Rao, 38

A sedentary lifestyle kept me buried under the weight and contributed to my diabetes and general bad health. I have reversed diabetes after the HLC programme.”

Rajiv Menon, 49

“After HLC diabetes reversal programme, I am living life as I want. I am active and available to family and friends. With enough energy to be active in my kids’ lives too.”

Nasir Ahmed, 52